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New high-pressure engine,

slightly new styling inside and out,

new 3.90:1 rear-end ratio,

available 4-speed Hydra-Matic transmission, new options and accessories.






Other 1954 Chevrolet Advance-Design Trucks


1954 5-Window Pickup


pickup-driver-sidepu rear

1954 5-Window Pickup: During a visit to VA in 1997, my wife's brother-in-law, Guy, took me to see a 1954 five-window Chevy pickup that was for sale. We bought this truck and drove it to NY, and it became my work truck for a few years.


This 5-window Deluxe Pickup also became the "soup-up project". Its 235 engine was swapped with the 261 engine in the Suburban. The 261 was then outfitted with '50s-era performance and dress-up parts.


This truck, without the engine, is now owned by Dave Cavagnaro, the fellow who painted the Suburban and helps me all the time.


1954 Hydra-Matics Transmission Parts


An Alta Vista search of the World Wide Web (before Google) in 1997 resulted in finding a posting for a 1/2 ton 1954 Chevrolet-Truck Hydra-Matic transmission for sale by a young man near St. Louis, MO. Soon thereafter, I took a two-day trip (2,200+ miles, there-and-back in 48 hours) and returned with a Hydra-Matic drive train and all other parts unique to a Hydra-Matic-equipped 1954 Chevy truck. These parts will be useful in my restoring one more 1954 Chevrolet light truck (below).

1954 5-Window Hydra-Matic Pickup

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Thanks to members of the oldGMCtrucks discussion boards, I found a '54 Chevrolet 1/2 ton Pickup with an original 4-speed Hydra-Matic transmission.


The truck was located in eastern WA state (a high desert) and it was driven to our garage just before Christmas 2005. This truck had been fairly well-maintained and was in running condition. Restoration of this red Hydra-Matic pickup has begun but who knows how long it will take to complete.

1954 Hydra-Matics Rebuild by Gene Berck


In Spring 2014, the Hydra-Matic transmssion was sent to Transmissions By Gene (Restoration Hydra-Matics) in Salinas, CA

Here is a photo album of the phases of the rebuild
and links to photos and documents related to the Hydra-Matic transmission

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