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NEW 235 cubic inch, high pressure, inline-6 engine with insert bearings and 60 psi oil pressure gauge. This is the first year that this high-pressure 235 engine is used on a Chevrolet truck; however, a version of this engine with hydraulic lifters was used on 1953 Chevrolet passenger vehicles that were equipped with the Powerglide transmission. Solid lifters were used on all truck 216, 2235, and 261 engines.


NEW 261 cubic inch, high-pressure, inline-6 engine was available on larger trucks. Canadian Pontiacs also used the 261 engine (with hydraulic lifters).


NEW Full wheel covers available as an option/accessory for 16” wheels.


NEW Chome deluxe options are again available, including grill, hubcaps, vent window frame, inside and outside window trim, and bumpers.


NEW Steering wheel and horn button changed (same wheel but not button used through 1956)


NEW Plastic-coated wiring used in the electrical system instead of cloth-braided wiring.


NEW Plastic lens on interior cab light (at least on convenional cabs); glass lens in prior years. A smaller candle-power buld is used..


NEW One-piece windshield


NEW Completely changed interior (same in 1955-1st series) – with a newly designed dash, almost nothing above the floor is the same as in previous years


NEW "Bull nose" grill is painted body color with Thistle Gray inner bars (on all models, except Commercial Red - Argent Silver inner bars). The chrome grill had Bright White inner bars. White "CHEVROLET" is displayed on the top grill bar.


NEW By the end of the calendar year, many two-tone cab exterior combinations were available on standard cabs and panel bodies (white top with other-color bottom); all 1953 exterior colors are carried over from 1953


NEW By the end of the calendar year, four different two-tone interior color combinations are available: blue-blue, green-green, and beige-brown, beige-maroon.


NEW Completely redesigned bed. Top of bed sides are now flat, not angled as in previous years. There are no wood blocks between the bed and the sills/chassis.


NEW Rear bumper is an option for the first time since since 1951, but is now dimpled/dropped in the center to make room for new license plate location.


NEW Taillight is now round.


NEW A factory-option tumsignal upgrade is now available (part of the steering mast - not a clamp-on unit).


NEW Rear-end in 3100 (1/2 ton) is now 3.90:1, formerly 4.11:1


• Serial #'s, H 1/2 ton, J 3/4 ton, L 1 ton, etc...






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